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After Care

Although a person completes our treatment program successfully, there are no guarantees that he/she will remain abstinent unless they remain proactive in their recovery. Our Aftercare program is available for continued support. For any person who is in recovery, treatment begins (but doesn’t end) when a person enters a treatment facility. In most cases, a person comes to treatment due to external pressure by family members, court systems, mental health facility, etc.

A person’s recovery shouldn’t stop with the completion of a treatment program. Problems with substance abuse and the connected consequences are “not cured” at the end of treatment. We recommend a continued plan for all of our graduates and aftercare is an excellent support network to remain connected to others in recovery. Aftercare provides a way for individuals to continue to interact with other members of the recovery community. This can be a way to connect more honestly and find the support needed for ongoing abstinence. Those who attend aftercare have a much higher success rate for long-term recovery.